Frequently Asked Questions & Theatre Policies:

1.  How do I hear the movie?  Our stereo sound is broadcast in FM Stereo Sound on a private frequency.  A good working radio IN YOUR CAR or a PORTABLE RADIO is required to hear the movie sound.  THERE IS NO SMART PHONE APP AVAILABLE TO HEAR OUR MOVIE SOUND.  Tune your radio to FM 106.9 for Screen 1 and FM 90.1 for Screen 2.  To operate your car radio without running down the battery, turn the key to accessory or check your car manual for instructions if you have a push button ignition.

2.  What happens if my battery runs down?  Come to the the concession stand and ask for a manager.  We will send one of our security staff out to assist you with jump starting your car.  

3.  Do you allow pets?  Yes.  You may bring your pet (if necessary), however, it must be on a leash AT ALL TIMES and you must be responsible for keeping your pet quiet and cleaning up any mess that may occur.  ALSO, PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED NEAR OR IN THE CONCESSION STAND.  Customers not following these rules, will be asked to leave the premises. 

4.  Can I switch screens?  No.  You must watch the movie(s) you paid for.  The film companies do not allow us to allow you to switch screens.  You must pay to re-enter.

5.  Do you have a carload price?  No.  Our prices are per person.  Where else can you get 2 movies for the price of 1 with kids 4 and under free?  And, yes, we reserve the right to check your trunk if you are hiding someone! 

6.  Why do I have to park next to a certain color pole?  We have restricted parking Friday, Saturday and Sunday which is our busiest days of the week.  We do this so our customers can have the best possible viewing of the screen.  We need you to park according to your vehicle size.  White Poles: cars ~ Yellow Poles: mini trucks, mini vans & mid size SUV's ~ Red Poles: full size trucks, vans, SUV's and high top vans.  PLEASE BE COURTEOUS OF OTHER PATRONS, PARK CLOSE TO A POLE AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTION OF OUR SECURITY STAFF.

7.  Why do you charge $10 for a Food Permit?  Food and/or beverages not purchased at our concession stands is considered to be "outside food and beverage" and is subject to our Food Permit Policy.  Customers who bring in outside food and/or beverages must purchase a $10 Food Permit.  The permit is valid for one vehicle only and one day only.  You will receive a $3 concession coupon with the purchase of a Food Permit.  Please patronize our concession stands!

8.  What is your ticket refund policy?  Refunds are given for severe weather or technical equipment failure.  You must see a manager in the concession stand for a refund before you leave the theatre premises.  And, yes, we show movies in the rain!

9.  Do you allow smoking or vaping?  The Sundance is an open-air theatre.  You may smoke or vape on our property, however, there is NO SMOKING OR VAPING ALLOWED IN OUR CONCESSION STAND OR BATHROOMS.  Please be courteous of other patrons and keep your smoke to yourself.  Please be respectful of our property and dispose of your cigarettes in a container and not on our grounds.  The Sundance is a family-friendly theatre.  We do not permit drugs of any kind on our property.  If you are smoking or vaping anything illegal, we will call the police and you will be escorted off the premises!     

10.  Do you allow alcohol?  No.  Alcohol is not permitted on our property. 

11.  How long are you open during the year?  The Sundance is typically open April through September depending on the weather.  We are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday in April, May and September.  We are open 7 days a week June, July and August.  We follow the school calendars around the Northwest Ohio area and are open 7 days a week when the kids are on summer break.